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Welcome Back! 

The teachers and I have had immense pleasure of meeting with new and returning students and learning of their summer adventures! September has been a transitional month; however, we are slowly starting to see some progress and semblance of a routine

In the interim, please feel free to drop by and chat if you have any questions. 

School Staff 

There has been a change of teachers for this academic year. Our school staff is as follows: 
Ms. Michelle Sucklal-Hamilton – Montessori Directress 
Ms. Christine Sullivan – Montessori Directress 
Ms. Juvanaline Carpenter – Montessori Directress 
Mme. Georgina – French Specialist Teacher 
Ms. Manisha Datt – Aftercare Coordinator 
Ms. Raihana Mohideen – Administrator 
Ms. Susan Barter – Educational Consultant 

School Hours: 

8.30-11.30 Morning 
12.15-4.00 Afternoon 

It is important that all students arrive on time for school. Please note that our front door will be closed at 9 a.m. If you are running late you may ring the school door bell, however, please bear in mind that teachers are with students and may take some time to get to the door. 

Sick and Late Attendance 

Please call the school office at 416-385-7373 if your child will not be coming in to school due to illness or will be coming in later. 

Snack Times: 

AM Snack – 8.00-8.15 
PM Snack – 2.00 – 2.15 
All snacks are provided by the school’s food caterer, Food for Tots. 

Nap Time: 

12.15 – 2.00 
Blankets are supplied to the school on a weekly basis and sent home every Friday to be laundered. 
If you are providing a soft toy for your child at nap time, please ensure it can be left at school. 

Cubbies and Clothing 

The school requires at least two sets of spare clothing, including extra underwear and socks. We recommend that parents check cubbies on a weekly basis to ensure there is a steady supply of clothing. We recommend that there also be extra hair ties and clips for students with longer hair. Please label all belongings, including shoes and water bottles. Water bottles are sent home at the end of the every week to be sanitized. 


We are discouraging our students from bringing any personal toys to school and appreciate your support for helping us achieve this. 

Drugs and Medication 

Parents are required to fill in the proper forms in order to dispense any prescription medication. Please leave all prescription medication with the teacher and NOT in your child’s cubby. 

Take Home Folders 

Folders are sent home on the last Friday of the month and contain any Montessori or art work that has been practiced during the Montessori day. Please note that many first year and second year students may have little or no work coming home, as they are required to be working primarily and tangibly with the Montessori materials. Any school information, memos, report cards, etc will also be sent home in the Take Home folders. 

Parking Lot Safety 

Students are not permitted to walk through the parking lot on their own at any time. We ask all parents to obey the traffic and parking signs and work together to ensure student safety. We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line or two to let us know how we are doing! Thank you for your on-going support!